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Beginner / Starter Drum Kit set ups

We have a regular flow of second hand "Starter Level" kits coming through the workshop.


They all get the full refurbishment treatment, including a  full strip down to the shells, a full clean of the shells and hardware, all chrome is cleaned and polished, stock batter heads are replaced with part used "Professional" heads. 

These kits are generally paired with a full set of hardware and cymbals, as well as some Drumsticks and a Tuning Key, creating a full Starter package, giving any new Drummer everything they need to get started. 

We also offer a delivery and set up service, bringing the kit to you and showing you how to set it up and take care of it.

You can look at some examples of some recent starter kits below, and can see at all of the kits we currently have for sale, as well as a collection of other pre-loved and refurbished parts we have listed in our Online Shop.

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