Customisation & Modification

We undertake a variety of custom work, from drilling or filling, air vent grommet replacements, and general modification works to custom spraying or Hydro dipping. Custom Snare builds and Tom to snare conversions, plus sanding and staining of wood finishes, Drum rewrapping and repairs.


We've converted Hanging Toms to Floor Toms, replaced old or missing badges, swapped out Air Vent and badge grommets, and drilled virgin drums to fit mounts or brackets.


We are more than happy to have a chat and provide a quote for any works you need.

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Day of the Dead Snare Drum
Day of the Dead Hydro Dipped Snare Drum
Union Jack Sprayed Snare Drum
Union Jack Sprayed Snare Drum
Gretsch Kit sanded and stained
Stripped, sanded stained and polished, this vintage Gretsch kit was left with a stunning natural finish.
DW Tom Conversion
DW Collector Rack mounted toms with Floor Mount legs and brackets added
Black/Orange Snakeskin Snare
14" x 6" Snare Drum Hydro Dip finished in Orange / Black Snakeskin effect
Custom Snare Drum Rebuild
Custom Built Snare Drum stripped, repaired, all components replaced, with new wrap and heads
13" x 10" Tom/Snare Conversion
13" Tom stripped filled and sanded, then re-drilled as a Snare Drum, with real wood veneer and new heads
Drum Shell Spray Match
We have a partner who can magically match the majority of sprayed lacquered finishes
X-Men comic Wrap
Wrap design rendered from a real X-Men Comic
Facebook Post 4
Comic Strip Wrap
Comic strip wrap design rendered from a real X-Men Comic
Custom Pearl Wrap
Created with offcuts of 3 different pearl wraps
Carbon Fibre Kit
Carbon Fibre Wrap, with white heads and bass drum hoops
Blue Skull Snare Drum
Steel snare drum hydro dipped with Blue Skull finish
Tom to Snare Conversion
14" x 10" Tom converted to a Snare Drum
Guardians of the Galaxy Snare Drum
Snare Drum wrapped in Guardians of the Galaxy wrap
Wolverine Bass Drum Head
Bass Drum Display head with custom printed Wolverine design
Bongo Drum Service
Serviced and re-headed Bongo Drums
Dark Skull Wrapped Snare
Snare Drum wrapped in Custom Dark Skull wrap
Wolverine Snare Drum
Part of an X-Men kit, a Wolverine themed Snare Drum
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