RJR offer a fully bespoke Refurbishment and Restoration service.  We will tailor our offering to your exact requirements, whether its a simple set of new heads and a tune up, to a complete strip down, deep clean of shells and chrome parts, and rebuild. 

We can replace your heads with the heads of your choice (we can provide Remo, Evans, Code or Aquarian), as well as replacing any missing parts, fitting new snare wires or straps, new throws or butts, or just replacement tension rods. 

Our prices for Refurbishment work start at £50, but will be tailored to include all works you require, and not include anything that is not necessary, so you get exactly the service your kit needs. 

Kit Hardware

With an advanced refurbishment, every piece of hardware is removed from the shells, and given a deep clean and polish, with any missing or damaged parts being replaced

Premier XPK Shells

Your shells will be thoroughly cleaned. We can remove minor dinks and scratches, and give the shells a deep thorough polishing, leaving that "brand new" shine.

Chrome Hoops

All the Chrome Hoops are hardware are rid of any rust and corrosion, and polished, leaving them protected for months.

Chrome Cleaning

We can also just clean up your Chrome parts if required

Pearl EXR

Each kit is then carefully reassembled, with any damaged parts being replaced, and new heads fitted (if required)

Premier XPK Restoration

We also offer a restoration service - this kit was given to us in pieces, and was totally restored, including new wrap, to replicate the kit a customer played in his teenage years.

Comic 6

Once rebuilt we'll either refit your old heads, or replace them with your choice of new heads. We can also replace branded Resonant heads, cut port holes, and fit holes reinforcement or "O" Rings

Refurbished Premier 1035 Snare Drum

We can also refurbish an individual Drum. Be it an odd Tom, or your Favourite Snare, we can give it the TLC it deserves.

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We are based in Didcot, Oxfordshire. We'd be more than happy for you to pop in and say Hi - drop us a message or give us a call to arrange.