We can also undertake drilling or filling works, air vent grommet replacements, and general modification works.


We've converted Hanging Toms to Floor Toms, replaced old or missing badges, swapped out Air Vent and badge grommets, and drilled virgin drums to fit mounts or brackets.


We are more than happy to have a chat and provide a quote for any works you need.

DW Drums Redrilled

These DW Collectors Edition 14" & 16" Toms were Re-Drilled to house DW Floor Tom Legs to offer their owner Connor maximum flexibility in set up options.

DW 14" before wrapping

We were tasked with stripping 2 DW Toms, and re-wrapping them to match the rest of Paul's Kit, plus converting the 14" to a Floor Tom.

DW Drums Rewrapped

Here is the completed Floor Tom..

DW Drums Rewrapped

And this is the 12" to match...

Carbon Fibre Snare Drum

It was then wrapped in this Carbon Fibre wrap, and new hardware added to create this unique Snare Drum!!

Pearl Snare with new Throw/butt

This stunning Pearl Snare Drum had its parallel action snare mechanism removed, and replaced with a standard throw off / butt combination, plus new snares, ribbons and heads..

Custom Snare Drum - Shell

This old Premier 14" x 9" was re-drilled, old holes filled and smoothed, and Snare Beds cut in..

Pearl Snare Drum - Re-drilled

The new Throw and ribbons..

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We are based in Didcot, Oxfordshire. We'd be more than happy for you to pop in and say Hi - drop us a message or give us a call to arrange.

Pearl Snare Drum - Re-drilled

The new Throw and ribbons..